To better service our customers, we have incorporated Metal-Soft's Frabi-TRAK production control system to our operation. Utilizing bar code readers located throughout our workstations, we have 100% tractability on all items during the manufacturing process. This information is collected in real time and used to expedite parts. This system greatly improves our capacity planning and scheduling. Delivery commitments can now be made with a higher degree of reliability and certainty. R.D. Fabricators, Inc. quality control system meets the requirement of MIL-I-45208SPC data collection.
R.D. Fabricators, Inc. is organized into several departments, each one specializing in a one of process listed below:

* CNC Programming
* Laser Cutting
* Welding
* Forming
* Plating
* Screen Printing
* Punching
* Shearing
* Graining
* Assembly
* Painting
* Inspection
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