INSPECTION - Surface Plates, 4x10ft, 4x6ft, 3x4ft, and 2x2ft. Hight Gauges 24", 12" and 6". Sine Plate. Gage block. Pin Gages. Thread gauges. Dial Indicators. Wire Gauges. 1-2-3 Blocks. Depth Micrometers. Vernier Calipers to 36"

MISC - Amada Power Corner Notcher. (2) Bridgeport type mills 21x24, Power feed. Haeger Hardware Inserting Machine W/Automatic Loader. Time Saver 36" wide. Vibrator Deburr 48x24x24. Drill presser - Belt sanders - Pedestal grinders. 72" stroke sanders. Polishing and buffering department. P M I Band Saw 9in Round 8in Square @ 45 and 60



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